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When it comes to asking for free samples it can be daunting, to say the least. From being afraid of approaching busy sales staff to worrying if you will get an outright no, it can be easy to miss out on lots of potential free samples. 

However, there is an art to it! Plus, it can be handy to know which brands are generous and which aren't when it comes to giving out free samples! Which is why I thought a blog post on the subject may come in handy to any fellow beauty lovers. 
It may not seem it but I'm a super disorganised person! I generally write blog posts the night before and I never seem to be able to keep on top of emails - even important ones, eek!

However, in the past 2 years I've become a daily planner fan! I have a whiteboard, a tear-off planner notepad, a swish ring-bound desk planner and I even have my own personalised planner sheets... just because! It's all a bit obsessive, but it keeps me on track (kind of)!

So I thought I'd share the love and create some free printable daily planners for anyone that wants one!

I'm here again with another free Weekly Blog Planner! Same layout but with a little festive cheer for the Holiday season.

Whether you plan your blog posts or not this is a great way to get super organised with blog posts, giving you more time to watch Christmas films and do your Christmas shopping! Plus if you aren't a planner then this may be worth printing out and seeing if being more organised helps before 2015!

Simply click on the image above or the link here to print or download the planner. 

Like the previous weekly planner (you can find that here) it's A5 in size with a Monday-Friday Planner, weekend section and a notes section. It also helps you track your progress with writing a blog post with tick boxes including – write, photo, edit and schedule.

In 2015 I will be offering a more detailed Weekly Planner with both Saturday and Sunday included, a to-do list section and it will be A4 in size! So make sure to look out for that.

Hope you enjoy this special festive weekly blog planner!

Fee xo.  

Today I have a special blog post with something I've been wanting to share with you for a while now! 

In the past few months I've got myself organised and feel like I'm a much more productive blogger because of it. So I wanted to share the love and help other bloggers out! 

So I've created a Free Blog Planner (download or print here) that can be used weekly to keep you on track with blogging. The planner is A5 in size so 2 can be printed out at one time. The idea is you jot down the blog posts you want to write for the week ahead and check off the tick boxes as you go. I've been using the weekly planner for around a month now and it's without a doubt keeping me on track. I will also be doing an extra special festive edition come the beginning of December!

Free Blog Planner

I really hope you can make use of this! Let me know if you decide to print it out either in the comments or on Twitter @makeup_savvy

Fee xo. 


Last week I spotted such a great idea on Instagram to keep the icons on your desktop more organised. It was basically a custom desktop background that sectioned areas of the desktop so you could group together similar icons. It was aimed at bloggers, as lets face it we can always do with help staying organised and I really did love the idea! 

So I decided to create my own! It turned out quite well and so far I have managed to keep my desktop really organised and neat looking (trust me I had that many icons I couldn't see the background image before). So I decided to have a go at making a few more for anyone that wanted to give them a go as well! 

All you need to do is right click on the desktop background you like below and 'Save Image As...' or 'Set As Desktop Background...'. This is only a trial run as I have only tested them on my own desktop. So please if you do try one and it doesn't fit let me know what screen size you are using so I can make the backgrounds larger next time. 

Though you may need to set some to 'fit' or 'fill' and set the background colour to white for the 'Spring Sakura' background. But hopefully they will all work!

'Motivational Boo the Dog'

'Pastel Chevron Pattern'

'Spring Sakura'

'Bitmap Hearts'

'Thou Shall Blog'

If you have any suggestions for my next lot of backgrounds (if people like them of course!) then please, please tell me your ideas below in the comments. 

Also if you do use one let me know how you get on with it and if it helps you to keep your desktop more organised! 

Fee xo. 

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