It's been a while since I shared the latest and best makeup storage organizers and since I've been upgrading a few acrylics makeup storage drawers of my own I thought it was a good time to share what's new - there's a lot! 

From the most gorgeous flat lay-style makeup bag I've come across to large makeup storage on a budget and even a few amazing travel makeup bag options. I really feel this post shows how much makeup storage has evolved in the last year and I'm so here for it! Hope you find a few bargain items from this little lot. 

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Velvet Portable Flat Lay Makeup Bag - £4.99 HERE
Flat lay makeup pouches are 100% the new makeup storage trend and I for one am here for them! Simply explained it's a drawstring makeup pouch that fully opens to layout as a flat circle meaning you can have all your makeup spread out and then gather back up into the bag with a pull of two drawstrings. 

I love this idea and design but I can't say I'm a fan on the waterproof type material they are often made from. However, I did manage to find this stunning velvet makeup pouch that comes in 7 different colours and looks so pretty! 

White Acrylic Large Makeup Desk Tidy - £8.79 HERE
If you like structured makeup storage that will keep everything organised and neat then this bargain offering may just be for you. The makeup drawer organiser comes in 5 colours and contains two drawers and seven different compartments, perfect for storing all your toiletries or everyday makeup in easy reach. For the price I'm so impressed! 

8 x Modular Drawer Inserts - £6.99 HERE
If you are someone with countless messy junk drawers then you will find drawer organisers a lifesaver. Simply slotted into any drawer they divide up space and allow you to be more organised. This specific set comes in both black and white and includes eight different sized trays to organise one or more drawers. I need to get some of these!   

Plastic Makeup Organiser - £4.75 HERE
Next, a storage organiser I could see being perfect for hair styling tools and hair products, or even skincare. I personally love the tiered compartments so everything is visible and in easy reach and the muted pink shade, although it does also come in grey and white. 

Rotating Makeup Display Organiser - £10.35 HERE 
Last year rotating makeup storage became popular and I loved the idea... however the white or black plastic seemed bulky and unpleasing to the eye. So I'm now very happy to see different designs emerging like this pink acrylic unit. Rotating makeup storage really makes sense, especially if you love having your everyday makeup organised and in easy reach at all times. 

Hexagonal Makeup Brush Holder - £3.61 HERE
If you own a lot of makeup brushes then keeping them organised in pots is a must. I personally like to store mine in groups, with all eye brushes kept together and face brushes together, along with the beauty blending I'm currently using. So this little organiser would be ideal! 

48 Nail Polish Storage Box - £9.35 HERE
Another new makeup storage solution I'm excited to share is this handy nail polish storage box that is double-sided and holds a whopping 48 nail polishes. This is ideal if you won't want to display nail polishes on a shelf or keep them unorganised in a random box. It's also perfect for bringing out when you need to re-do your nails, allowing you to look over all the shades you have in one go. 

Makeup Organiser Travel Box - from £14.99 HERE
If you are someone that likes to keep your makeup in a makeup bag but doesn't like how unorganised it gets then look no further than this travel makeup bag. While you could remove the sections this makeup bag keeps everything organised and neat. It even includes a zipped pocket and space for makeup brushes that even covered and protected when closed. I also love the designs of these so much! 

Decorative Cotton Pad Dispenser - £3.29 HERE
How to store cotton pads seems such a first world problem doesn't it. But unless you keep cotton pads in their original packaging they get everywhere and are hard to store and keep dust-free. Which is why I love the idea of keeping them in a dispenser, looking much neater. A simple makeup storage solution but one I think I need! 

Covered Makeup Pod Storage - from £14.99 HERE
Around 10 years ago I wrote a post on what the beauty industry would look like in 2020 and if I have touched upon makeup storage I know I'd have described something as futuristic-looking as this makeup organiser! 

What are your thoughts on such a contemporary/almost futuristic-looking design? I kind of love the idea of keeping all my products dust-free with the clear cover but it keeps on reminding me of an astronaut - I'm just not sure! 

Quilted Makeup Bag - £5.22 HERE
Another makeup bag option here that while isn't anything new design-wise I had to include for the 90's vibes. It's cheap and tacky looking but I kind of love the holographic finish and colours mixed with the quilted material. I also really like this style of makeup bag as they really do hold a lot. 

Travel Makeup Storage Box with LED Mirror - £26.39 HERE
Another futuristic design here that incorporates a makeup storage box with a very handy LED mirror, which can be used attached to the storage box or completely separate. This is a design that makes sense, although I'm hoping it will become a little cheaper! 

Holographic Makeup Storage Organiser - £26.09 HERE
Another makeup storage desk tidy I really love is this holographic beauty that really stands out. This is from Domu, a brand on eBay that offer amazing quality makeup storage items that I've bought from a few times now and always been impressed by. 

Not only does this unit come with 5 sizable compartments but an extra-wide drawer that will hold a lot of makeup. 

Beauty Sponge Case - 99p HERE
Last year it was all about the beauty blender egg cup style holder, but this year it's gone one step further with a ventilated case for your makeup sponge. I really love this idea as it no longer means staining my makeup sponge when I throw it in my makeup bag along with my liquid eyeliner! It also seems a much more hygienic way of storing it, keeping it dust-free and from touching over products. 

Glitter Planets Makeup Bag - £3.54 HERE
As you may be able to tell I do love a cheap-looking makeup bag, actually I love makeup bags in general, but this caught my eye as it was something different and fun. It comes in a range of different colours and I love that it encases both fluffy pom poms and glitter. It's also such a bargain!

6-Tier Acrylic Makeup Tower Storage - £23.98 HERE
Lastly, if like me you're a huge fan of acrylic makeup storage towers then you may want to check this out as I feel it could hold an entire makeup collection. Most acrylic makeup units include slim drawers but this offers much more room for different size products which I really love. For the price, this is such a good deal. 

Let me know your favourite makeup storage organizer here - I've love to know! 

Fee xo. 

Last year I created my first ever eBay Christmas Gift Guide and not only did I love finding the best gift ideas for you, but the post also got a good response. So I'm bringing The Ultimate eBay Christmas Gift Guide back for 2019!

Below you will find gift ideas from only UK sellers with free delivery. When I can I've kept everything as budget-friendly as possible with nothing over £15. I really hope you find a few gifts here as I personally shop on eBay for Christmas presents and it means I grab a bargain while also picking up items that you wouldn't necessarily find in shops.

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Before rushing into Christmas shopping for others I like to prepare for Christmas. From adding to my Christmas decorations to ensuring I have a few new festive nail polishes and I've added to my cookbook collection. 

This is all of course done on a budget as I try not to overspend on myself at this time of year (unless it's on a beauty gift set I can't resist!) so for me, there's no better place to shop than on eBay.

Below are a few Buy It Now listings that have caught my eye recently, all UK based and with free delivery. I hope you find a few festive treats here too!

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Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season. For me, there's nothing like feeling cosy, so I'm all about lighting candles, snuggling under a soft blanket, and warm clothing... which is basically Autumn in a nutshell. Halloween is also a fun holiday that I enjoy getting excited over, even if it's just watching a few scary movies and by 'scary' I mean Hocus Pocus. 

That's why I absolutely love seeking out autumn finds on eBay at this time of year. Mainly because most things are inexpensive but also because the items I generally find I haven't seen online before so while grabbing a bargain I also feel like I'm picking up something special that isn't readily available. 

I really love all my eBay autumn finds here and I hope you do too! 

If you weren't aware, most things that pop up on Instagram as targetted sponsored ads can often be found on eBay. So that semi-precious stone inside a water bottle that you're considering spending $20 on can be picked up for $10 via eBay. More times than not if the product is made in China you will be able to find a listing for it on eBay. 

Below I thought I would share products I've loved from sponsored ads I've seen on my own Instagram that I've managed to find on eBay for less.

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Today I thought I would focus on some key summer trends, but of course, put a twist on it finding budget items on eBay! I often find eBay is the best place to find unique designs and styles while saving money. This is especially great for picking up on-trend items as it generally means you will see one else wearing the item! 

From shopping the summer straw trend to finding wearable neon items and touching on my favourite; the 90's trend, I hope you find a few eBay bargains here. 

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Whether you will be making the most of the British weather from the comfort of your garden this year or have endless adventures booked, Summer calls for extra provisions. From adding to your summer wardrobe to protecting your lips, hair and skin from heatwave rays I decided it was time to round-up a few summer essentials that are too much of a bargain to miss out on! 

As will all my eBay posts I only recommended trusted sellers and items with free delivery! I also always include products I've purchased myself so where I have I will let you know. Also as I love putting my eBay posts together please feel free to let me know if you pick anything up or any themes you would like to see in future. 

When a beauty product trend appears I'm always a little cautious to jump on the bandwagon. Because let's be honest how many Instagram beauty trends have come and gone in the past year alone?! It's a lot. 

So I like to hold back, generally, well until I realised that most trending beauty products make their way onto eBay for a fraction of the cost! So today I thought I'd create a round-up of just that with popular beauty products and accessories you will have most likely seen on IG or YouTube in the past few months... and the best thing is prices start from only £1.90! 

Spring is firmly in the air and I'm embracing it with open arms. From fewer layers to cute accessories, it's a fun time of year that deserves a little spend, whether that be on updating my wardrobe or on things that will keep me on top of my goals for the year;  from drinking more water to staying organised. 

So, instead of my usual annual Spring wishlist, I thought I would mix it up and bring you some inexpensive eBay finds. Mainly because I still love eBay and have found some many new things that I want to share. Let me know if you pick anything up!
Over the past few years, I've shared endless cheap makeup brush finds from eBay - because I got a little obsessed with the high quality for such low prices. So much so that I felt I need to stop the overkill, because while I was fine with amassing endless brush sets I assumed you didn't.

However, I feel enough time has passed to talk ultra bargainous makeup brushes again, especially as I've picked up a few new sets recently and been super pleased with them all. As always the listing I've found below are from both UK and China Sellers with free delivery and no custom fees to pay!

If you are in the market for a new brush set then I hope you find something here!

If you follow Makeup Savvy then you will know I'm keen on an eBay bargain every now and again. Who am I kidding? I seem to order some irresistible budget find most days! But recently I've fallen out of the loop of sharing my eBay finds so to ease my way back into another year of eBay Bargain blog posts I thought I would share the cream of the crop when it comes to what's on my eBay watch list right now! 

Much like most people's eBay watch list, I have a mix of items so below you will find an edited version, from makeup to homeware and a few accessories, I will no doubt add to my basket sooner or later.


By now I think it's pretty clear I love a bargain however it has to be good quality and worth it, hence why I named this blog 'Makeup Savvy' all those years ago. So this year I decided I had to put together an eBay Christmas Gift Guide.

As we are nearing Christmas itself all the items below are from UK sellers with Buy it Now prices and free delivery, oh and everything is under £10! I'm really pleased with all the gifts I've found here and hope you find a few things you like - I may have already bought the Star & Moon Hair Slide Set and the ingenious printed cookie rolling pin!


It's been a while since I put together an eBay edit purely because I don't feel like I need to bombard you will more budget brushes and nail polish bargains.

However with Autumn here I couldn't resist having a look on my favourite budget website for some autumnal themed pieces and if I do say so myself I think I did pretty well, I mean I found a chic Hocus Pocus tee!

Find my top 10 favourite eBay autumn buys below...


As it feels like I haven't created an eBay post in what seems like forever I thought I would put together a miscellaneous edit with an under £5 budget to get back into the swing of things.

I personally love discovering eBay items, generally from power sellers or stores, that offer a good saving on their retail value. So this edit combines bargain find as always, along with a few items that offer some great savings - I hope you love them!

Over the past few years I've come to realise I love a good beauty gadget! Of course, they have to work and be practical, generally for me saving time or enhancing my beauty routine in some way.

So today I thought I would round up my favourite budget beauty gadgets from eBay, a lot of which I have tried and loved, to pass on some time saving and ingenious finds!

Today I wanted to hit you up with some summer bargains from only 99p! Whether you plan to make the most of the upcoming warmer weather or have a holiday booked I hope you can find some treasures in this edit.
With Spring here I have florals on the mind, so I thought I'd create an eBay edit of my recent floral finds. From some bargain cushion covers to real touch tulips that look amazing all year round and some personalised floral phone cases I can't get enough of!
While it may not feel it just yet, Spring has officially sprung! For me, this gives me the encouragement that brighter and warmer days are soon to come and for that reason I like to pick up a few new finds I will be glad to have once the weather catches up with the new season.

Here are just a few of my Springtime bargain finds that cost as little as 99p (all free p&p)! Hope you find a few bargains you like from this little lot!


With the cold snap in full force here in the UK, I thought there was no better time than to create an eBay cosy home edit filled with some bargain buys.

Regardless of the weather outside I love a cosy home, filled with fur cushions, cosy blankets and a comforting candles burning. Below you will find all my recent finds that I hope you love just as much as I do!


As I only posted about creating the perfect flay lay just the other day I thought it would be fitting to follow up with an eBay themed Flat Lay Photography post. Especially as I find all my blog photography bargains on eBay!

Below find everything from the inexpensive vinyl backgrounds I use to my favourite props and gap fillers that really do work well with so many different flat lay themes. 
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