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With the days getting longer and mornings becoming lighter, it can only mean one thing - Spring is upon us. And with a change of season, inevitably comes a change of wardrobe, but what about skincare? Do you actively change up your skincare routine for the shift to hopefully warmer, sunnier weather? For some, this may be a simple change to a higher factor facial sun cream but a simple refresh of your entire skincare routine can be what it takes to dust off the cobwebs to hydrated glowing skin. 

While your skin may require lighter products in the warmer months of the year it can also need more hydration and thankfully I've come across just the product! Along with a perfect no-shine factor 50 sun cream that truly cannot be felt on the skin as well as possibly the best moisturiser I believe all skin types will love. 

Carry on reading if you are ready for a Spring skincare routine shake-up that your skin will thank you for! 


If you have TikTok downloaded to your phone (let's face it, who doesn't at this point) then I'm quietly confident you have spent many an hour procrastinating on the app and know exactly how addictive viewing random 15-second video clips can be. 

But have ever found yourself on #BeautyTok?

If you have, then you will know exactly how dangerous it can be for both your bank balance and time. I will hold my hand up and admit I've been influenced even by creators I've only just discovered and I'm kind of not mad about it. 

For the most part, I've been pretty pleased with my TikTok influenced purchases thus far and it helps that the platform seems pretty savvy when it comes to creators often recommending accessible drugstore products along with Tiktok beauty dupes that don't break the bank... as long as you don't buy everything per late-night scrolling session that is.

With beauty creators and even the average person now able to make makeup and skincare items go viral on Tiktok to the point they sell out for months, I thought it was about time I spoke about the beauty products I've been influenced to buy. From regrets to beloved makeup staples here are my 'As Seen on Tiktok' purchases (so far!).


AD - This is a paid blog post in partnership with Liz Earle Beauty

With Spring/Summer just around the corner meaning lighter makeup and glowing skin, I always like to switch up a few skincare products at this time of year. This has come at the perfect time, with the launch of Liz Earle's new Cleanse & Glow Transforming Gel Cleanser - a luxurious silky cleanser suitable for all skin types. 

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to trial the new skin cleanser before the launch so I could get a feel for it and share my opinions on it with you. 


Since starting this makeup and skincare blog over 12 years ago now I have been a fan of Liz Earle Cleansers; starting with the original and iconic Cleanse & Polish Cleanser that I'm sure many of you will have tried and loved. Their cleansers are not only suitable for all skin types but are known for being highly effective at removing grime and makeup from the skin. So while I had no doubts about the new Cleanse & Glow Transforming Gel Cleanser (£24.50 - 150ml tube) thoroughly cleansing my skin, I was intrigued by a totally different formula. 

Before getting into all the details of the new cleanser I wanted to share their current offer where you can receive a huge 20% discount off Liz Earle Cleanse & Glow (plus free postage) with code GLOW at the checkout until 22nd March 2022. And if that wasn't enough, you can also receive 20% off selected moisturisers and toners as long as the Cleanse & Glow Cleanser is on your basket. Shop Now! 


Skin Benefits 

Before jumping into the unique formula of this wonderful new cleanser, I first wanted to talk about its benefits. I personally could talk about how integral cleansing is for good skin for hours but I will spare you and simply talk about the extra benefits this cleanser brings to the skin. 

Firstly, its in the name... Yes, this is a glow-enhancing cleanser that will leave the skin looking more luminous and fresh thanks to the antioxidant and vitamin C rich Acerola Cherries included in the formulation. 

The cleanser also benefits from Organic Black Bee Honey and Elberberry Oil to balance and nourish the skin. This means while pores will be minimised after use, the skin will never feel stripped, in fact with the essential fatty acids in the Elderberry Oil the skin barrier will be supported ensuring happy, healthy skin! 

When it comes to thought-out formulation and natural ingredients that benefit all skin types I really feel Liz Earle are true skin experts and can be trusted in delivering some of the best skincare around. 


Application & Consistency 

Onto consistency now as this really is as described, a transforming gel cleanser, which makes it unique and interesting to use. 

You first want to squeeze out a grape-sized amount of the gel cleanser onto the hand, which you will notice is fairly thick. Then massage between the tips of the fingers to melt the gel down into a silky oil and apply directly onto dry skin. 

Then massaging the oil over the face to melt away pollutants, excess oil and dirt, SPF and makeup. 

To rinse off, simply add water to turn the oil into a milk cleanser that is easily washed away - no face cloth required! 

As you can see from these steps, this cleanser truly does transform - going from a thick gel to a silky light milk formula with ease. I personally love this formulation as gel, oil and milk cleansers all have their own benefits. 

While some may overlook the function of the cleanser starting off as a gel, I really appreciate that it's not just an oil-to-milk cleanser as the gel formulation will stay the same consistency even in warm temperatures, unlike oil/balm cleansers. Plus it's simply more travel friendly, I know I feel much safer packing a gel cleanser over an oil-based one for nights away. 

On the other hand, an oil cleanser is simply more effective at breaking down spf and makeup and enjoyable to massage over the skin. And the milk formula when water is added it's great for easy removal and to ensure no residue is left behind that can clog pores. So this truly has all three formulas in one here and I personally couldn't be more pleased with it. 


Onto the scent, as I know it matters to some people, including myself. So I'm pleased to note the cleanser comes with an uplifting bergamot scent which I'd best describe as a zingy orange marmalade aroma. This is neither overpowering nor too subtle and I personally find it makes the cleanser really nice to use in the morning and in the shower as it feels fresh and uplifting. 



While I never doubted how effective the new Liz Earle cleanser would be I didn't expect it to change my skincare habits. But over the last month, I have found with the effective oil-to-milk formula that is easy-rinse, I haven't been as religious with double cleansing to ensure all residue is removed - because I know it has been with such a light milk formula that rinses away with such easy. Skipping double cleansing in the evening could lead to breakouts and dull skin but with this cleanser my skin has been clear and fresh looking both in appearance and touch. This means I can now save time by the sink or in the shower and use one cleanser - finally! 

I also really love the scent of Cleanse & Glow! I feel they have got it spot on and with it feeling so fresh and uplifting it makes me want to reach for it over others to feel that bit more awake in the morning. The bergamot orange scent really is a nice touch to such a fresh skincare product. 

On a final note, I want to quickly touch upon Liz Earle's amazing returns policy which is an extended 60 days. This is because Liz Earle understands that not all skincare will be suitable for everyone so if you do experience any kind of reaction or simply can't get on with this cleanser or any other Liz Earle product for that matter you can get your money back for that extended amount of time - which I personally think is so considerate. 

The Liz Earle Cleanse & Glow Transforming Gel Cleanser is available now and to benefit from 20% off plus free delivery make sure to use code 'GLOW' at the checkout, until Tuesday, 22nd March 2022.

Overall a brilliant new offering from Liz Earle for all skincare fans that want to try something new!

Fee xo. 

This blog post is sponsored by iHerb however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Today I wanted to talk about Winter skin, in particular, my updated Winter skincare routine; something I simply couldn't be without and what I see as part of my self-care (I truly enjoy applying different products to my skin!). All products mentioned here work for my oily/combination skin but would also be suitable for all other skin types I feel. 

As you may notice today's post is sponsored by iHerb, a website that carries over 30,000 natural products and ships to over 180 countries! I had the pleasure of selecting all my own products and ordering through iHerb for a full user experience. I personally found the website a breeze to use especially when it came to searching for products and checking out customer reviews before buying.

iHerb orders are shipped from climate-controlled distribution centers to ensure quality is maintained especially on skincare items. For delivery to the UK, there are two available shipping methods; DHL and Hermes. I went for DHL express shipping and received my order in only 5 days which is pretty great! It's also worth looking out for offers that are run on free shipping over certain order values! iHerb also offers customer service 5 days a week in 10 different languages should you require help with your order. 

My own order arrived in my perfect condition and I can honestly say I have enjoyed trying out some unique skincare and Korean brands I simply wouldn't have come across anywhere else. Below you will find my Winter skincare routine and all about the amazing products I decided to try out. 


 Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser  

When it comes to cleansing in the morning I never want anything that will leave my skin feeling tight or stripped. This is especially common in cleansers for oily skin but for one of the first times ever with Cosrx  (a brand I love!) I have found the perfect cleansers that leaves the skin feeling perfectly clean and comfortable thanks to the low pH formula - which is also ideal for protecting the skin's moisture barrier. 

The Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser is a wonderful light cleanser in both formula and scent; with a gel-like texture (only the smallest amount is needed) and a subtle tea tree herbal scent that's refreshing. 

Since starting using this at the beginning of Winter I have found my oily/combination skin has been happier especially around my time of the month when I find I'm more oily and prone to breakouts. It also works well after using a balm or oil cleanser in the evening to ensure all makeup and product has been removed and really leave a clean canvas for the rest of your skincare to be applied. 

While this is a simple and inexpensive skincare product it truly does the job especially with having the low pH value that keeps skin happy and healthy. It's also a product you will see recommended by skincare gurus and experts for good reason! This is now a staple in my winter skincare routine. 

Heimish All Clean Balm 

Another Korean skincare product that is hailed as one of the best by skincare experts online is Heimish All Clean Balm and in fact has become a cult classic because of this. This intensive cleansing balm removes makeup and sebum not only with ease but fast. 

On my first use of this cleansing balm, I was surprised at how easily the solidified balm melted to a silky oil, removing makeup with the lightest touch over the skin. I was also happy to see that it then turns into a milk when washing it off, which basically makes removing the cleansing balm all the easier. 

One of my favourite skincare products to use is a cleansing balm as I love knowing my skin is completely clean of makeup and this truly has to be the best I have come across in how it feels on the skin and how it performs and so easily. I now understand what the hype is about with this cleansing balm and I'm simply loving it being a part of my skincare routine. 


Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence 

If you are into your beauty products then I'm sure you will know the brand Laneige for their cult Lip Sleeping Mask, but what you might not be aware of is their skincare range. I wasn't too familiar with the range myself however based on the popularity of the lip masks, along with the aesthetically pleasing packaging I wanted to try out one of the hydrating products. I decided to go with the Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essense as I particularly love to layer hydrating skincare, especially in the colder months.

Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essense is a lightweight essence that helps shield against water loss and boosts hydration throughout the day making it ideal for use in Winter when moisture loss can occur due to the use of indoor central heating and the extreme change in temperature when going for a warm room temperature to the cold outdoors. Also with the formula being a lightweight essence, you can easily add it into your existing routine as an additional dose of hydration without clogging pores or experiencing piling when makeup is applied. 

What I love about applying this essence straight after cleansing is simply how fresh and plump it makes my skin feel - basically like it's had a drink! There's no stickiness or oiliness to it, just a hydrated base that's prepped ready for moisturiser. For me, this has been a great addition to my skincare routine that I feel keeps dry patches around my nose and chin at bay.

The Creme Shop Pink Water Creme Ultra Dewy Face Cream

I then follow up with my new favourite moisturiser, which aside from working really well, makes me smile every time I use it... because who wouldn't want Hello Kitty skincare! This is one of the reasons why I turn to iHerb as you are guaranteed to find unique and fun products that you can't find anywhere else easily. 

This dewy face cream is enhanced with hyaluronic acid and watermelon and is a great way to add moisture to the skin without feeling too heavy or greasy. The cream also has a high water count which not only can you feel how lightweight it is but it boosts the skin's moisture levels, resulting in a healthy dewy glow to the skin. 

For me, this is part of my morning skincare routine as it again it's another really hydrating layer that is lightweight and almost like water to the skin. A really lovely dose of hydration with this one! 

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Berry 

Another step to my Winter skincare routine after moisturising is to properly hydrate my lips. The skin on the lips is the thinnest of the entire body and for that reason is the most fragile and prone to dryness. So if your regular lip balm isn't cutting it then this is essentially why. 

As most of you will know Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is another k-beauty cult classic and I'd say the most popular Korean skincare product in the UK. The reason for this is because it's the most effective lip mask on the market; it simply just works - keeping lips hydrated, smooth and plump. 

With the provided mini flexible lip applicator (which feels lovely smoothed over the lips) I apply the lip sleeping mask just before bed. The lip mask is lightly scented and surprisingly non-sticky for how rich the formula feels. Instantly I find I get some relief from applying the lip sleeping mask however it's in the morning when I feel the full benefits, with my lips feeling totally soft and smooth. After using this lip sleeping mask for over a month now I can say only a small amount is required to cover the lips and it isn't a treatment that is required nightly to reap the benefits of it, so this is a properly that will really last well. 

With over 3,000 five-star reviews on the iHerb website, you can be sure this is one amazing lip product! 


Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Sunscreen Face Serum SPF 60+ 

Lastly after applying all my hydrating layers of skincare I of course finish with an SPF. Even in Winter, it's important to wear sunscreen, especially if you use any ingredients that make the skin more sensitive to sunlight such as an acid, so it shouldn't be a step that is overlooked. 

But I can fully understand the desire to skip this step when your sunscreen is too thick or greasy on the skin or even adds a white cast. This is why I wanted to mention Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Sunscreen Face Serum SPF 60+ as it challenges everything you would expect a facial sunscreen to be. 

Firstly this is the lightest formula I have come across in a sunscreen, being almost a runny consistency that feels more like water on the skin than anything else. Secondly, to prevent any kind of white cast on the skin the formula is slightly tinted which at first I was nervous would translate onto my skin but as the name of the product suggests, it is invisible. And finally, even though the formula is ultra-lightweight it still manages to have an SPF 60+ and is water-resistant - which is just incredible.

Another product I simply wouldn't have discovered if it wasn't available through iHerb for an affordable price. 

If you like the sound of any of the skincare products mentioned or want to stock up on some skincare favourites then make sure to use code MAKEUPSAVVY at the checkout to get a discount on your iHerb order. 

Fee xo. 


AD - This is a paid for post however all thoughts and opinions are my own

Over the past few years, there have been certain self-care habits I have adopted that have not only really stuck but almost feel like a wellness toolkit that I can reach for when I'm having a bad mental health day, feeling run down or simple to energise myself. 

Not only is it important to take 'time out' when you aren't feeling your best but prioritising self-care can help bring out the best in yourself and even fuel the good days, so to speak. 

For me this comes in many forms; from keeping on top of my skincare routine and giving myself time to enjoy looking after my skin, to feeling cosy in the warmest loungewear possible! And in Winter especially, making sure I keep on top of taking supplements, along with the basics such as keeping hydrated and getting enough sleep. 

Whether you are someone that can slip into a habit of putting yourself last, creating zero time for self-care to happen. Or like me, find prioritising self-care to be an essential rather than a luxury - I hope you can find some tips and tricks here, along with some amazing beauty and wellness products from Very



Spending time over your skin is without a doubt a form of self-care, especially if you enjoy the process. Personally, it's a time I can feel present and also mindful in the sense that I'm enjoying both the scents and textures in the skincare products I'm using. 

If you are someone that enjoys skincare but often find yourself skipping or rushing it when life gets busy then I highly recommend setting aside time to cleanse and apply your skincare as soon as you come through the door in the evening. Or like me, as soon as you've closed your laptop for the day if you work from home. 

Doing your skincare routine earlier in the evening not only means you will have the energy to do it but it also means your skin will be free of makeup and daily grime a few hours sooner, which does actually make a difference! 

I personally like to split my skincare into two parts as I do find applying skincare just before bed to be a relaxing experience. The first part comes early evening starting with a thorough cleanse with one of my favourite cleansers; Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm which you can purchase alone or in the gorgeous Elemis English Rose-Infused Radiance Duo to take advantage of the amazing saving. 

The Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm has long been a cult classic, but for me the newer rose-scented cleansing balm is simply perfect, making for a really relaxing experience when using it. What also makes this an ideal self-care skincare item is that it is such a thick luxurious balm that when applied to the skin it melts down to a beautiful silky oil which not only removes makeup with pure ease but has a wonderful slip that makes massaging the skin a real joy, especially while breathing in the gorgeous rose scent. This is why I even use this cleanser in the evening on makeup-free days as the massaging element of the balm is beyond relaxing. As you can expect the balm also leaves the skin impeccably clean and smooth. 

Later in the evening, just before bed, I like to finish my skincare routine with Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Facial Oil, which again you can find included in the wonderful Elemis English Rose-Infused Radiance Duo gift set. This is a facial oil like no other, perfect for all skin types, due to the nourishing but light formula that allows the skin to retain moisture. I find not only this a joy to apply as it smells so natural but you really do see the benefits the next day with ultra-soft skin that's perfectly hydrated and nourished.

As for when I want to give my skin some self care I reach for Elemis Peptide4 Thousand Flower Mask, a velvety smooth mousse-like mask that spreads with ease over the skin. The mask works by gently exfoliating the face to dislodge dead skin and refine texture and while it contains Brazilian black clay the face mask is neither tight nor drying on the skin. As with all Elemis products, the scent is wonderfully floral and fresh which really gives a spa-like experience. Face masks truly are a way to pamper yourself and show yourself a little self-love. 



Part of my daily self-care, especially in Winter, is to feel cosy. This can of course come in many forms; from taking a long bath, reading your favourite book or feeling like your loungewear in giving you a warm hug! As you can guess I'm all about the latter with my oversized Fleece Snuggle Hoodie - the cosiest piece of loungewear I own. 

As you can see this is one thick and supersoft oversized hoodie that has a warming plush fleece lining, along with cuffed sleeves that I find to really keep the heat in. If that wasn't enough the hoodie has a huge front pocket to keep your hands warm (or to house snacks?!) and an even bigger hood. This truly is my favourite item to wear around the house right now! 

My other favourite comfort is slippers. Slippers truly are my 'thing' when it comes to feeling warm and cosy. Do you wear slippers? My current favourite pair are these lovely Pearl Trim Mule Slippers that are as warm and soft as they look! I'm all about a snug fit to keep my feet from getting cold and these are really the perfect fit due to the inner faux fur lining. Totally dreamy! 



Another part of my self-care routine is enjoying a long bath or shower. This for me is a time where I can fully relax and let go of my stresses and really indulge in some wonderful spa-like products. 

My go-to brand for bathing is Elemis; in particular, anything with the Frangipani Monoi scent which smells just heavenly - think flowers on a tropical island and you are halfway there. 

Over the years I have pretty much tried the entire Elemis Frangipani Monoi range and can firmly say the Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow is their most decadent product that feels like it should be found in a spa than your own bathroom. Not only is the Kilner-style glass jar a very generous size but this is a perfectly formulated salt scrub that contains not only mineral-rich salts but Tahitian monoi oil that massages the skin as the salts exfoliate. This leaves the skin without any redness, unlike a lot of salt scrubs, but silky smooth and soft. I also can't get enough of the lingering frangipani scent that lingers on the skin after use. If you are looking for a luxurious product to add to your own self-care routine this is certainly one to own. 

Another in-shower product I enjoy using to take care of myself is Elemis Frangipani Monoi Hair & Scalp Mask which is a versatile 3-in-1 product that can be used as a deep cleansing scalp treatment, a deep conditioner and an intensive overnight mask. This is a favourite of mine due to being able to use it on my scalp as this area of the body can hold a lot of tension so massaging the silky, heavenly scented formula in really does feel relaxing. I'm also obsessed with this product as not only is it an effective hair mask but the scent lingers beyond hairstyling which you don't find with a lot of hair products and the frangipani scent is something you will want your hair to smell of! 

Lastly, on stepping out of the bath or shower I like to lather myself in Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Cream, a product I've used for years and still can't get enough of. Much like Elemis' skincare, you can expect a luxurious silky formula that soaks into the skin with ease, to leave it soft and deeply hydrated. It's also a body cream that while hydrating isn't oily so within minutes you can dress - for this reason, I also love to use this body cream as a hand cream. If you want your skin to feel velvety smooth I highly recommend this beautiful body cream. 


Another ascept of self-care that I like to do on a semi-regular basis when I find the time is to truly pamper myself. The first way I like to do this is by steaming my face with the Rio Facial Sauna & Steamer before proceeding with my skincare routine.

With a full face mask the facial sauna excapulates every part of the face to open up the pores, helping to deeply cleanse this skin. This is best done after cleansing to allow the steam to really clear out the pores and to remove any impurities in the skin. This is not only a relaxing experience with the warm steam softening the skin but really rewarding when you see how clear your skin looks after the treatment. 

Another way I love to pamper myself is in the evening with the Homedics Luxury Foot Spa, a relaxing way to relieve tension in the feet and to soften dry skin. 

To relieve tension and for user comfortability the foot spa has a tilted base which means you aren't require to sit straight with your feet flat to the floor which I personally have really loved. The foot spa also comes with 4 removable massage rollers. For feet skincare there is also a very handy pumice stone attachment which is amazing to use after soaking your feet. 

As someone with chronically cold feet, a foot spa like this feels like such a lovely treat to use in the evening while reading a book - I highly recommend it especially with the current cold weather! 



While my self-care routine contains a fair amount of pampering I truly believe in looking after yourself from the inside out. This consists of the basics of course - getting 8 hours of sleep per night, drinking enough water and getting outside. Beyond this, I'm a believer in taking daily supplements, from Vitamin D in the winter months to a multi-vitamin and good dose of antioxidants that not only promote good cardiovascular and digestive health but can combat signs of ageing. 

My main source of antioxidants is Perricone MD Superberry Powder with Acai Dietary Supplement Powder. If you are a fan of skincare then I'm sure you will have heard of Perricone MD as they have some amazing topical skin care products, which is why I decided to go for these supplements over anything else. This is now a drink I make up with ice each morning to start the day with, especially as the acai provides an instant dose of energy to start the day. I'd love to know if you take supplements as a form of self-care. 

Lastly, as another act of wellness, I find a fragrance diffuser a great way to alleviate dry air and to add a fine mist of natural aroma. The one I keep next to my bed, that I like to switch on in the evening is the Ellia Blossom Fragrance Diffuser with ambient mood lighting. Made with a wood base and ceramic dome this is one of the nicer diffusers I own, feeling sturdy with a large water capacity for a 12 hour run time. 

To enhance a cosy evening I like to add a few drops of butter fudge scented fragrance oil and enjoy the soft aroma it produces. The diffuser is also whisper-quiet which is without a doubt an essential a lot of diffusers don't have. Do you own an aroma diffuser? I would love to know. 

As you can see Very have an amazing range of wellness appropriate products that really can enhance any self-care routine. 

If you have been neglecting your own self-care recently I hope this post has reminded you how important your own care and needs are. 

Fee xo. 

 AD - This is a paid blog post however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

When it comes to skincare you could say I’m a bit of a fan. My passion for skincare started over a decade ago when I ditched the face wipes and discovered how transformative double cleansing can be for the skin. 

One of the first really effective cleansers I ever tried was, you guessed it, Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, in fact, thanks to blogging and a quick search I know that was over 11 years ago! Since then I’m never without Cleanse & Polish in my bathroom cabinet, be it the original or a limited edition scent which I always enjoy. 

As Liz Earle is currently celebrating the cult Hot Cloth Cleanser with an amazing 25% discount off the entire range (right here) I thought it was time I took a deep dive into the scents Cleanse & Polish now have to offer to discover not only new favourites but to serve as a kind of guide to which cleanser scent you may favour.

Why is Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish a Cult Classic? 

With over 130 awards (and counting!) it's safe to say the Cleanse & Polish is loved by the beauty industry. For me and many others, it's a true skincare staple and often one of the first seriously good cleansers we tried.

Created over 25 years ago, the iconic Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is one of the best ways to show your skin some love. The rich cream formula not only feels luxurious as it melts away even the most stubborn waterproof makeup but with the additional muslin cloth, exfoliates away dead skin cells and excess grime, leaving the skin clean, hydrated and exfoliated - all in one step. 

Cleanse & Polish is also a joy to use. I find myself using it more as a 2nd cleansing product in the evening as it simply feels soothing to the skin and whichever scent I use the formula never fails to make my skin feel fresh and perfectly clean. 

Click here to get 25% off Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish! 

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Scent Range 

Over the years Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser has grown from the original scent to include countless limited-edition versions and new scents. While I used the original version for years I've always loved buying a limited edition pump or tube as it makes using this cream cleanser even nicer. Discover the full scent range along with my thoughts below! 

The Original

The main noticeable scent in the Original Cleanse & Polish Cleanser is eucalyptus which is strong, energising and zingy. For me, this has a fresh menthol scent that leaves the face feeling fresh and awake. This is really nice if you love your skin to feel extra clean and fresh. A good staple to use both morning and night for this reason. 

Bergamot & Juniper 

If you are looking for a fresh Spring type scent from your cleanser then look no further than this. I instantly get the smell of bergamot with this which is light, fresh and grassy. Simply really uplifting and pleasant. 

Rose & Lavender: Relaxing Edition 

It's not often you come across a lavender-scented cleanser, which is a shame as lavender not only is a lovely ingredient in skincare but smells wonderfully relaxing when used in the evening. So as you can expect this smells soothing and relaxing. The rose in this is subtle but it brings down the natural lavender aroma to make it calming and while it’s still a powerful scent it feels perfect for an evening routine. A truly lovely scent. 

Patchouli & Vetiver 

If you are looking for a fresh but natural scent then this is the one for you. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what patchouli smells like but can say this has a fresh cut meadow type aroma. Think freshly cut grass and wild meadow flowers. In fact, this aroma transported me back to a few coastal summer holidays. Again, another cleanser that's perfect for spring and into summer. One to use in the morning to feel awake and fresh. 

Bourbon Vanilla & Clove Bud 

I had a feeling I would love this scent just by the sound of bourbon vanilla. If I’m being totally honest this is what a lot of women would want a male fragrance to smell like. It’s rich, addictive and sexy without being overpowering. The clove bud combined with the smokey warm vanilla scent is simply perfect. This easily could be a unisex product that you share with your spouse/partner. I’m in love! If Liz Earle created a body care range in this scent I would be the first to buy it. Just dreamy! 

Grapefruit & Patchouli 

This is a similar scent to Patchouli & Vetiver, with a slight zing from the grapefruit. Again a very fresh, uplifting scent that instantly takes me to spring. The grapefruit and patchouli together almost brings me back to the original scent with eucalyptus, but a toned-down fresher version. While this isn’t my favourite it’s still a lovely fresh scent.

Natural Neroli 

Out of all the scents in the Cleanse & Polish range, I think this one surprised me the most as it’s such a unique scent that has a luxurious fragrance-like quality to it. Natural Neroli has bitter orange and green notes for me, that gives strong Mediterranean vibes. While subtle there is a sharpness to it with the citrus note which I really love. Again, this is a scent I could see translating well into a body cream or fragrance as it’s just so fresh and addictive to smell. This is without a doubt the cleanser I’d pick up most in summer, both evening and night. 

If you love the sound of any of these scents, remember there's currently 25% off Cleanse & Polish range until midnight on the 23rd December. Following this, you can find 20% off in the Liz Earle Winter sale until 5th January - all with free delivery! 

Fee xo. 

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Hopefully, as you are seeing this post you are well underway with your Christmas shopping. I'm currently 60% done with mine, although I'm aware  'Christmas week' is now upon us and I know that familiar rise in panic to not only finish everything off but to all get all the last bits of shopping done and dusted - not stressful in the least, right? 

So in light of this, I thought I'd proactively write a rare Christmas beauty gift type post! I use to go all out with my Christmas guides but after 8 years or so of writing them, they started to feel a bit samey and less authentic than I would have liked. Instead, I feel a more realistic approach would be to share a few gifts I've already purchased for my nearest and dearest, along with a few gifts I've received over the years that still stand out to me. 

Behold a more authentic mini Christmas gift guide... I hope you find a few gems, if not to only bookmark in anticipation of the Boxing Day sales. 

Eyeshadow Palettes 

Okay, I may be starting off on a strange note here, but hear me out. Outside of the beauty world on the internet, I find generally people aren't really 'that' into makeup. A lot of people wear it for work, which means it's generally rushed and the same every day and come the weekend it's generally worn only on nights out. I think if we were to delve into the nations makeup bags we would find a lot of 5-year-old unsharpened eyeliner pencils, concealers that have seen better days and generally a single lone eyeshadow quad.

This is why I personally don't impose large and expensive makeup sets on anyone anymore unless I know they really love makeup! Instead, I find that one makeup product can be much more appreciated and has a higher chance of being used. For me, this is an eyeshadow palette, often paired with an inexpensive eye brush set (Real Techniques or none branded ones from Amazon or eBay). 

For a lot of people, a small highstreet eyeshadow quad seems to do them just fine or one picked up from Revolution is the new go-to. So I like to pick up something a bit more luxurious or bigger, generally with a good mix of neutral tones that works for all occasions. 

In the past 12 months, one of my own favourite palettes that I actually received as a present has been the Too Faced Born The Natural Nudes Eyeshadow Palette which consists of 18 stunning matte and shimmer shades. This is a pretty fool-proof eyeshadow palette to buy as a gift I think as a lot of the shades are very wearable even for someone that only likes to apply 1 or 2 shades to their eyes. The palette is also laid out in a way that there's a corresponding shimmer for every matte eyeshadow which I think makes it more appealing to use. 

However, if you are buying for someone that loves makeup and you want to get them something that they will literally 'ooo' over when they open it, I don't think you can go wrong with Huda Beauty eyeshadow palettes. There's endless choice, I should know I own quite a few, and both the palettes themselves and the eyeshadows are aesthetically pleasing to look at. My latest palette is the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette which really is simply stunning to look at! The full-on shimmer/glitters are without a doubt more suited to someone that loves eye makeup but there's a good mix of neutral tones in there as well. If I didn't already own this I know it would be on my Christmas wish list as something like this really can only be received at Christmas as it's a true makeup treat! 

Skincare Sets (with a little research beforehand!) 

I also think skincare gifts, especially in the form of gift sets are nice to give. Well as long as you are aware of the person's skin type, along with any sensitivities they may have and you are realistic in what they already enjoy using; I know my 65-year-old mum is never going to be convinced to use an AHA liquid exfoliant over a physical scrub... thankfully she ditched the St Ives face scouring scrub a few decades ago! 

For this I like to go practical but pretty - this is my motto. Skincare brands that spring to mind are No7, Origins, Liz Earle, Elemis and while I'm not a huge fan, Clinique, simply because it is known and loved. Unless your gift recipient is well versed in the world of skincare I wouldn't go all out with brands such as Sunday Riley or Emma Hardie, as while they are amazing they won't be aware of such brands thus making the gift a bit lost of them... it's not about the cost but you won't want them wondering if it's a new skincare brand in Superdrug. 

This Christmas I headed online to Origins for a few gifts as I have picked up a few gift sets from the brand for myself over the years (it generally works out more affordable than buying a simple product) and always loved everything I have tried from them. I find the attention to detail with the packaging and scents are really nice - I don't know anyone that doesn't love the fresh orange juice scent of the GinZing range. This year I have picked up the Merry Marvels gift set which contains an impressive seven products worth £90 for only £32. The size of the set is much larger than I expected which I think is always nice at Christmas, to give a larger sized wrapped present and it really does feel good value for money as it contains everything for a full skincare routine, give or take. It also contains bestselling Origins Ginzing Moisturiser and Super Spot Remover, both products I've raved about over the years and combined would cost more than the gift set. 


Onto haircare now, which I think is a very safe but good gift category - you really can't go wrong and it will always be gladly received as long as you aren't gifting them your general supermarket-bought shampoo and conditioner. 

Again, I often find people don’t think to spend a little more for hair salon-quality products when not only do they last longer as less product is generally required but they really can make a noticeable difference to the look and feel of the hair.  

Much like skincare, we should be buying for our hair type which is another reason I like to introduce people to more luxurious hair products, especially when it’s someone that visits the hairdressers often but skips on thinking about the aftercare and maintenance. 

One of my own favourite products to use on my hair has always been Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, a pre-shampoo deep hair treatment that truly adds moisture to the cuticles of the hair, leaving it shiny and healthy. This is why I’m loving the two gift sets shown, which not only include everything for a full hair care routine but include the Elasticizer deep treatment, which I’m certain everyone will love! 

Both The Recipe for Hydration & Shine and The Recipe for Body & Volume (with a 41% saving right now!) include full-size shampoo and conditioner, along with 75ml Elasticizer and for the hydration set a handy 60ml heat protection spray and for the volume set a root boosting spray which I’m personally excited to try out. If you are after a substantial gift to give someone that is already into their hair but is yet to try anything with a luxurious salon feel then this is the ideal set. I also can’t get over the cute house-style cardboard packaging! 

Wellness Gifts 

Lastly, let's talk wellness gifts… because let's face it, most of us are mentally and physically frazzled and we still have the depth of Winter to get through. 

I’d like to think wellness products are my forte as I’ve pretty much tried everything in terms of reducing stress, inducing sleep and reducing pain over the years. 

My first wellness gift recommendation is a weighted blanket. I’d personally go for 6kg (not the heaviest but still surprisingly heavy & enough to make a difference) and a single size as I can imagine a double being simply unnecessary for one person and hard to move. I also wouldn't recommend buying this as a gift for anyone elderly as it surprisingly takes a good level of strength to position it over you. There are quite a few benefits to a weighted blanket - reducing joint pain, helping sleep, restless legs and it can even help to reduce stress and anxiety. I also find it keeps the heat in when placed over a duvet in winter. This really could be the gift that helps someone. 

Along the same lines of sleep and relaxation, I also love Spacemasks which are simply self-heating disposable eye masks that feel oh so relaxing. In fact, I don’t think I’ve used one and not fallen to sleep. These come in sets of 5 or can be bought individually. 

As for more elderly relatives or for anyone with a chronic illness/pain I highly recommend an Electric Heat Pad. Yes, it isn’t the most glamorous of gifts but it’s one that’s thoughtful and will be 100% appreciated. I like to think of them as portable heated blankets that can be placed over any area of the body and used both when sitting in a chair or in bed. Again, this is an item I personally couldn’t live without and has eased many aches and pains over the past year or two. A product I had to mention as they don’t seem to be that known about but I know it could benefit so many people. 

I thoroughly hope you have enjoyed my last-minute, more realistic Christmas gift guide and I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas & New Year. 

Fee xo.  


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